Confucius Institute

Confucius Institute at Ricardo Palma University
Ricardo Palma University and Hebei Normal University jointly established Confucius Institute (CI) and began to offer Chinese Course in 2010. As one of the youngest universities in Peru, Ricardo Palma University was established in 1969, whose Department of Architecture and Department of Humanity & Modern Languages are well known in South America. Approved by Hanban, CI at Ricardo Palma University is the fourth CI established in Peru and the second CI established in Lima.
Depending on faculty of CI, Chinese-Spanish Translation began to enroll its first group of students in March, 2011, which aroused extensive concern in local society. Therefore, Ricardo Palma University is the only university setting up Chinese-Spanish Translation and cultivating professional interpreters in South America, which makes CI has its own major. At present, Chinese-Spanish Translation enrolls its new students every year and its educational system is five years. In the first two years, the students learn basic Chinese courses, such as listening, oral Chinese, reading, grammar and writing, and learn other related courses at the same time. In the third year, the students learn in Hebei Normal University. In the last two years, the students return to Ricardo Palma University to learn translation courses, such as Spanish, business course, finance & economics course and science.
Meanwhile, relying on CI platform and cooperation relationship with Peru’s universities, HNU sets up the major of Spanish and elective course for students majoring in foreign Chinese teaching, and cultivates positively international Chinese teachers to grasp Spanish. At present, HNU assigns about 50% sophomores majoring in Spanish to study in Ricardo Palma University per year, by which those students enjoy a favorable atmosphere to learn Spanish and help the CI to host various activities actively. Discipline construction powers the further development of Chinese international promotion.
During the visit in Peru, Zhang Dejiang, the Chairman of the NPC Standing Committee, paid a special visit to the CI at Ricardo Palma University and held cordial talks with teachers and students in there on November 22, 2014, which showed that state leaders paid high attention to Chinese culture “going out” and cultural exchange between China and foreign countries, and fully affirmed and eagerly concerned works of the CI. On October 8, 2015, Wang Yongli, deputy director of Hanban, inspected the CI at Ricardo Palma University and highly spoke of and fully affirmed works of the CI.

Basic Information of Confucius Institute
Location : Lima
Cooperative Colleges : Forien Partner: Ricardo Palma University
Chinese Partner: Hebei Normal University
Time : Start-up Date: November, 11, 2010
Contact Information : Liaison: Rosa Filipchuk de Romero; Yang Cuiying
Address: Confucius Institute at Ricardo Palma University, Av. Benavides
5440, Surco, Lima 33, Peru
     Telephone: +51-17080000 (ext.5115)
     Fax: +51-12750468

Address: No.20 Road East. 2nd Ring South, Yuhua District, Shijiazhuang, Hebei, 050024 CHINA
地址:河北省石家庄市南二环东路20号 邮编: 050024
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