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Peruvian Research Center Teacher Calls for Synergy in Global Health Governance in Peru's Mainstream Media
时间: 2020-03-21 11:18:32

[Prevention and Control of Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia] A Common Voice Against Outbreaks: Peruvian Research Center Teacher Calls for Synergy in Global Health Governance in Peru's Mainstream Media

The novel coronavirus pneumonia has aroused wide public concern in various countries. On March 13, Ms. Song Xiaoli, a teacher in the Peruvian Research Center of HNU, published an article entitled “Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Calls for Cooperation in Global Health Governance” in the Peruvian mainstream newspaper Diario Comercial Peruano Chino. The article has actively publicized China’s relevant practices and great contributions in combating novel coronavirus pneumonia, appealed to all countries to work together in health governance cooperation and expressed the confidence of China and Peru in fighting the epidemic.

The article has mentioned that Peru is an important partner of China in Latin America. Since the establishment of the comprehensive strategic partnership in 2013, the two countries have witnessed frequent high-level political interaction, rapid economic and trade exchanges and increasing cultural exchanges. After the outbreak in China, the Peruvian Foreign Ministry issued a communique expressing the Peruvian government’s support for China to fight against the novel coronavirus pneumonia. China also coordinated virus detection kits to support Peru’s epidemic prevention and control as soon as the outbreak happened in Peru. The two countries has actively cooperated in dealing with the public health crisis and faced the challenges hand in hand.

The International Exchange and Cooperation Center of HNU has also actively provided the epidemic prevention and control materials for the Confucius Institute of Ricardo Parma University in Peru, Spanish foreign teacher Adeli Mabel Sanchez B. who is working hard to get over the jet lag in Peru in response to the principle of “non-stop teaching” and the current exchange students of HNU studying in Peru.

Ms. Song Xiaoli appeals to those who are concerned about the epidemic. Since the outbreak spreading worldwide, it is urgent for all countries to carry forward the spirit of internationalism and strengthen the governance of global public health to jointly tackle the challenges of the international community.

Background: Founded on November 8, 2000, Diario Comercial Peruano Chino is a newspaper issued by Sociedad Central de la Beneficencia China, the most influential patriotic overseas Chinese group with the longest history and largest scale in Peru. The Sociedad Central de la Beneficencia China is the head office of overseas Chinese in Peru. The purposes of this organization are to manage the charitable and public welfare affairs for overseas Chinese in Peru, to strengthen the mutual support among overseas Chinese, to inherit and develop the traditions of the Chinese nation and to safeguard the rights and interests of overseas Chinese.

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