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Lake Erie Floating Homes and Lakefront Marina are ready to welcome you our neighborhood of extraordinary lake living.

               Floating Platforms


Lake Erie Floating Homes are built on quality floating platforms topped with a concrete surface to provide a steady and secure base for your home.


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Permacase Floats - 10 Year Guarantee

Permacase Floats have set the standard for encased flotation since 1979. The one-piece rotationally molded shell has a solid core polystyrene block molded inside creating a superior float. Buoyancy is not affected even if the shell is punctured! Heavy duty attachment points are provided on all sides of the floats, while only two opposing sides need be attached. This design flexibility allows for bolting in either of two directions. The polyethylene shell is pigmented black for maximum resistance to ultraviolet light. Permacase Floats are also resistant to damage from petroleum products, animals, marine life, and impact.




Floating Docks are made by:

Atlantic-Meeco Inc.
1501 East Electric Ave. McAlester,
Oklahoma USA 74501
For more information call
800-MARINA-1 (800-627-4621)
918-423-6833 fax: 918-423-3215

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